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Do you have any questions or just want to say a big friendly 'hi'?   Please drop us an email: 

Please take a moment to check out our FAQs below, which may address some of your questions: 

1.  Would you recommend Intro to Clay or other types of workshop for total beginners?

Intro to Clay is a series of 4 classes that provide the fundamental knowledge needed for someone to pick up ceramics as a regular hobby. Upon completion, the participants are able to join our weekly Open Studio sessions and work on their own clay projects independently. We have capacity for only 6 people so that all participants will receive close instructions and practise different techniques. Kindly note that a time commitment of one 3-hour evening per week for 4 consecutive weeks (total 12 hours) is required. 


A great alternative offer for total beginners - who look for a ceramics "taster" experience or are not sure if they wish to necessarily pick up ceramics as a regular hobby - is one of our 2-hour workshops. These happen more regularly, and each workshop typically fits 10 participants (hence better chances for free spots or to participate together with your friends).  Please see below about how to stay informed. 


2.  When will the next Intro to Clay occur?  How do I sign up for it in time?

Intro to Clay classes are run by our experienced volunteer ceramicists and shall take place 3 times per year.  We anticipate the next Intro to Clay to occur in Autumn 2024.  Our Intro to Clay sessions are very popular and tend to sell out within hours so we always recommend that people subscribe to our Newsletter (see below) to get notified about the course opening.  If you have emailed us to express particular interest in joining the next Intro to Clay, we will take special note of it. 

3.  How do I stay informed and find out when your next workshop might be?

Please sign up for our Newsletter via our homepage: Ceramics Collective Basel  

In case you use Instagram, we also encourage you to follow us at @ceramics_collective_basel  


Spalentorweg 7
4051 Basel
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