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Verein Events

A sneak peak of our events for the Verein Members

More events
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Stay tuned for our further events!

General verein

March 5, 2023

Verein members reviewed and approved the financial report of the Ceramics Collective Basel, and voted on decisions important to the operation of our studio

Ceramics Market

Dec 10, 2023

Festive Open House and Ceramics Market during which Verein members brought their creations for sale, the net proceeds of which (CHF 685) were donated to GGG Basel

Candle pouring & glühwein

Dec 5, 2022

Special workshop where Verein members and families / friends get together over snacks & glühwein, and learn to pour candles in ceramic or other containers using all-natural ingredients

BBQ & Drinks

Sep 25, 2023

Social event for the Verein members and families/ friends to use and enjoy the studio`s outdoor BBQ area 

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